Ademic disciplines are taught in a way that allows students to apply content to relevant issues while maintaining high national, state, and local standards. An example of this is the Choices Program, an issues-based curriculum that allows students to apply historical knowledge to current world affairs.

Multiple intelligences are explored in relation to careers where multiple intelligence profiles are practically applied in unique ways. Each student also brings his or her multiple intelligences to collaborative hands-on project-based innovation through design, engineering, arts, and/or sciences to address real world issues.   

Productive thinking dispositions facilitate high-level creative and critical thinking. A culture of thinking integrates these skills throughout our curriculum.    

Project-based learning is applied to solve real-world problems. Students bring their unique multiple intelligences and skills to a team to create an innovative product or idea that is new and of value.

Ethical learning is based on the Good Works Project at Harvard University and woven through the IDEAS Academy’s curriculum to prepare students for the ethical dilemmas faced by people in the creative economy. 

21st Century skills are woven into all aspects of our curriculum and reporting system. 21st Century skills at IDEAS Academy include digital/technological literacy, innovative thinking, interactive communication, effective use of real-world tools, personal and social responsibility, prioritizing and managing for results, teaming and collaboration, curiosity, creativity, and risk-taking, cultural literacy, and global awareness.

Vocational and career development focusing on the Creative Economy includes first-hand exposure to careers combining the arts, engineering, and design. Exposure begins with speaker series and field trips and culminates in two-week career shadowing internships with industry leaders during Junior and Senior years. College and career planning will be provided through a formal advisor/advisee process and will be enhanced with the Multiple Intelligences Development Assets Scales.

Content integration is offered through design, engineering, arts, sciences, and humanities in project-based learning that allows for academic mastery in core standards across multiple disciplines. Language arts and communication skills are emphasized within the academic disciplines, including assessment in public speaking, writing, and research skills.

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