Advisory game

Our teachers are teachers of students as well as teachers of disciplines. This distinction helps develop a mutually respectful relationship between our students and teachers. Students are randomly assigned to an Advisory group when they enroll at IDEAS Academy and remain with that advisor for their entire IDEAS experience. Advisories play an integral role in our dedication to continuously building a sense of culture and community.

Every day at IDEAS Academy has community time in Advisories or in a town hall meeting. This important time ensures that each of our students has a positive relationship with at least one adult and that the other students in their Advisory personally know them. On a personal level, students will focus on developing a number of skills: exploring how they learn best through MIDAS and the Multiple Intelligences; post-secondary education, college and career preparation; developing listening and debate skills during the Introductory Inquiry class; seeking general academic guidance, and specifically building the necessary tools students need to thrive in college and beyond.

The advisor-advisee relationship begins with a personal Entrance Conference for each student with his or her advisor to complete the class registration process. At this conference the advisor learns more about the student and offers guidance in course selection to meet the student’s long- and short-term goals. Throughout the year our students regularly meet one-on-one with their advisor to go over learning style inventories and MAPS testing and to identify personal strengths and growth opportunities. Advisors continuously review our students’ personal goals to assist with portfolio development and post-graduation planning.

Advisories and town hall meetings provide a time to check in on classes, a place to learn how to connect with others, a place to share opinions, a place for bringing school and the rest of life together, a place to integrate family into school, a place to celebrate, and a way to connect as a community. 

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