Academic Courses
Traditional and honors academic courses are based on the same course content as other SASD high school classes, but in and enriched format, where learning is stretched to fulfill individual quests and prepare students for college and careers.

Project-Based Courses
Project-based courses are supported by both seminars and academic courses. In project-based problem-solving courses, students tackle real-world issues through hands-on applied innovation in design, engineering, the arts, sciences, and humanities. Students identify an area of need or a design challenge, and through an intense period of design activity, develop and present an original solution to an audience of their peers.

Facilitator-Guided Online Courses
Facilitator-guided online courses allow students to explore specialized electives and independent learning with a teacher guiding each student through the course.

21st Century Reporting System
To assist students in reflecting with depth on their educational progress, a 21st Century reporting system will replace the SASD report card.  Student achievment will be measured with a report card assessing mastery of both academic benchmarks and 21st Century skills, a portfolio of student work, and two in-depth conferences between students, parents and teacher twice per semester.


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