Our Beliefs

We believe in a college prep program with demanding academics, integrated arts and interdisciplinary project-based learning set in an environment that is more aligned with college and the workplace.

We believe creativity and innovation can be taught and fostered in every student.

We believe every student should be empowered as an individual to use his or her unique interests and multiple intelligences to help direct personal learning.

We believe in a culture of thinking, a process of immersion into thought and the use of one’s mind.  Our curriculum reinforces exceptional critical thinking through: instructor modeling; explanations of tactics, concepts and rationales; collaborative interactions; and personal reflection. 

We believe each student should have an individual learning plan, developed with a teacher who functions as an advisor, that includes activities and outcomes linked directly to the student’s college or post-graduation plans.

We believe in a small Community of Scholars with open minds and mutual respect that prepares students for global citizenship.

We believe our teachers are empowered collaborators-in-learning, guided by Harvard University training and cutting-edge research from the Coalition of Essential Schools.  Our teachers facilitate an exceptional environment for learning, allowing students to gain deep academic understanding. 

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